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The Next Big Story for Ambarella


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Get a glimpse of what's on the tech horizon with Foolish reports from the field at the 2014 International Consumer Electronics Show. Companies ranging from start-ups to Fortune 100 firms launch and showcase thousands of products at the event, which attracts visitors from around the world.

The high-definition video processor behind the hugely popular GoPro, Ambarella  also has a less glamorous day job powering security cameras. With prices coming down, more and more users can say goodbye to grainy, unattractive security footage.

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A full transcript follows the video.

Evan Niu: Hey, Fools. Evan Niu here. I'm joined by Eric Bleeker and we're at CES 2014, taking a look at all the booths. One of the big stories this year has been Ambarella. Ambarella ... we were just at the GoPro Hero booth, a lot of people, but another area that Ambarella is seeing some opportunities is in high-def security cameras. We have a booth right behind us; they do use Ambarella in these security cameras. What else are we seeing, Eric?

Eric Bleeker: Definitely. It's interesting to be at security cameras after the excitement of GoPro -- it feels like a dance club over there. It's exciting -- security cameras, a little more boring, but it shouldn't be boring out there for investors because, like you said, we talked with the booth owner, the guy who is running this, and he says his products use Ambarella, he is very happy with them.

You can see the extension here; it's very natural, because through using low-definition footage -- often to save on the space that you're storing your security footage -- it's quite unuseful. You're not able to even identify what's being shot, so it's a natural progression to go toward high-definition video, and we see the prices being brought down to a level that that's affordable.

For Ambarella investors out there, they do have that concentration in GoPro, in part because GoPro is doing so well, but it looks like they also have some traction within this space. This can be an unsexy space, but as an investor, you know what? Unsexy gets paid.

We saw Ambarella off about 13% one of the days at CES because of a downgrade, because of concerns over valuation. One way to push valuation back up? Diversify revenue, find new revenue streams, so very encouraging to see Ambarella inside some security products here.

Evan: There you have it, Fools. For all the latest on Ambarella and CES, makes sure to check back at Fool.com Fool on! 

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