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The 15 Online Retailers Most Likely to Offer Discount Codes


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By Sarah Jones

Some online shoppers skip searching for coupons before checking out. Perhaps they think it takes too much time, or, more likely, that there just won't be one available that makes it worth it.

It's true that finding a coupon at any given moment is somewhat of a crapshoot, but some retailers release coupon codes on a regular basis, and are therefore more likely to pay off in savings if you take the time to search before placing an order. So which stores fall into this category of high-volume coupons? And what type of codes are they offering? We dove deep into our coupon database, sorting through every offer we posted in 2013, to find out.

The Top 15 Stores With the Most General-Use Codes

These stores have the most regular assortment of codes that apply to items sitewide or to broad categories, such as clothing. Since the codes are so frequent, and usually apply to a wide swath of items, a smart shopper would rarely buy things from these stores without the use of a coupon.

1. Snapfish always offers a solid selection of coupon codes. Many codes are specific to certain categories, like photo books, but the assortment is wide enough to cover most photo products. You'll also regularly find sitewide discount codes for up to 60 percent off, some with a minimum purchase, and general free shipping offers.
2. RazorGator has discount codes to save on tickets to your next concert, game, but you may need to pull a group together and buy in bulk to get the best savings. The minimum purchase amount is usually at least $150, and discounts become higher as the total increases.
3. Jimmy Jazz has plenty of coupons for clothing, shoes, and accessories. You'll find general-use coupons and shipping offers, but many codes are targeted to specific categories like T-shirts. However, the wide assortment of coupons means you're likely to find a discount on just about anything you have your eye on.
4. Sears tends to have an abundance of coupon codes, both for sitewide use and for specific product categories. General-use codes for $5 off $50 and $35 off $300 are currently available on an ongoing basis, but use of category-specific coupons may yield higher savings and may have a lower minimum purchase threshold, for items like tools, fitness equipment, appliances, and clothing.
5. JCPenney may have shunned coupon codes, but the store started releasing more and more codes over the last year, and now you can just about always get a discount if you look. You'll typically find 15 percent off with no minimum at any given time, but you may also find discounts of 20 percent to 25 percent for larger purchases or specific product categories.
6. Walgreens coupons focus on photo services. We also see codes that apply sitewide or to certain items like contact lenses and vitamins.
7. Victoria's Secret has regular coupons for intimates, clothing, beauty, and more, and you can stack up to three codes at checkout to see if they combine. The types of coupons available tend to be a mix of offers that apply to items sitewide and to specific product categories, like clothing. We most often see codes for free shipping, a free panty with bra purchase, free secret rewards cards, free gifts with purchase and tiered discounts like $15 off $100, $30 off $150, or $75 off $250.
8. Quill coupons discount office supplies, furniture, printer ink, business machines and more. You'll also find codes for free gifts with select purchases.
9. Cafepress often has general-use coupons for 20 percent to 40 percent off with no minimum purchase, plus codes for similar discounts on select product categories, like apparel.
10. Bath & Body Works applies one code per order, but codes do combine with its non-code based "buy one, get one" promotion. Typical offerings: 20 percent off with no minimum, $10 off $30, a free item with purchase, $1 shipping on $25.
11. Kohl's almost always has a code available. You can usually get 15 percent off your order with no minimum or 20 percent off $100, although we do see 20 percent off with no minimum from time to time. There are also regular codes for specific categories, such as kids' clothing. Try stacking a general code with a category or shipping discount coupon for maximum savings.
12. One Stop Plus, a clothing retailer, releases many general-use codes. They often apply higher discounts to single items, such as 40 percent off one item, or reward purchases that contain a higher number of items, like 30 percent off the first and third highest-priced items in the order. We also see coupons for things like free shipping or 15 percent off, so be sure to compare the discount that each code will provide before deciding on one for your particular order.
13. Macy's coupons taking 10 percent to 20 percent off your purchase with no minimum are usually released a few times a month. Plus, we also see codes released for certain item types, like bed and bath or shoes.
14. Saks Fifth Avenue coupons sometimes have higher minimum purchase requirements, but the store currently has an ongoing code for free shipping with no minimum, and you can stack up to five codes per order, which sets the stage for plenty of potential savings. We see codes for free gift cards or gifts with purchase, discounts on certain categories such as men's clothing, and free samples with beauty purchase.
15. Kmart is owned by the same company as Sears, so you'll find a similar selection of coupon codes. Current ongoing general-use codes include discounts for $5 off $45, 10 percent off $75 or $10 off $100. But also check for coupon discounts on certain categories, like shoes, appliances and toys, since you may find lower minimum purchase amounts or higher savings.

Top 10 Stores for Specific Item Codes

While many stores will offer general use codes like those listed above, some retailers prefer to release coupons that apply to specific items. For this reason, it can be more hit or miss to find a code at these stores if you've already made up your mind on a very particular item. However, if you're flexible and only require that you find the best price on, say, a hard drive, then a perusal of all of a store's current codes may yield an offer that works for you.

Most of the stores below are electronics retailers. So if that's something you consistently look to invest in, it may benefit you to subscribe to these stores' newsletters to keep abreast of the product-specific codes they offer.
  1. Newegg
  2. TigerDirect
  3. Ashford
  4. Lenovo
  5. Paul's TV
  6. Dell
  7. Cowboom
  8. World Wide Stereo
  9. HP Home & Office
  10. SupermediaStore
If you're shopping at any of the above stores, the chances are very good that you'll find coupons. The savings may be only a few dollars or more substantial. Regardless, you shouldn't pay more than you have to. Consistently applying coupon codes is a game definitely worth playing.

Sarah Jones joined DealNews in 2005 and currently manages the team that publishes coupons and breaks down the info in Black Friday ads, one item at a time.

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