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BlackBerry Hangs Up on Kim Kardashian's Spokesmodel Offer


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Launch Party For The New Pink Blackberry Curve From Verizon Wireless at Intermix
Alexandra Wyman/WireImageKim Kardashian's love of BlackBerrys goes back years.
Kim Kardashian's love for all things BlackBerry (BBRY) isn't going to turn into a spokesmodel gig anytime soon.

BlackBerry CEO John Chen says he has nothing against Kimmy, who has trumpeted her love for the BlackBerry she uses for social media blasts. It's just that Chen's not "bringing celebrities aboard," he told Bloomberg during an interview in Beijing at the APEC CEO summit.

Chen, who took over BlackBerry last November and is credited with lifting the company up from the ashes, wants to invest in corporate partnerships, next-generation technology and servicing business and government clients.

Consumers who worship all things Kardashian are just part of Chen's vision at the moment. "It's not that it's a waste of money, but a question of where you should spend the money today," Chen reportedly said on the topic of bringing celebrities aboard to hawk BlackBerrys.

Three's Company for Her

Why pay for what you're getting for free? In October, Kardashian took her BlackBerry-love public. During a stage interview at the Code Mobile conference, Kardasian said she uses her BlackBerry for posting on social media because she likes the keyboard. She even said she'd consider becoming a spokesmodel for the company.

Kardashian's BlackBerry is her "heart and soul," she said. "I love it, and I'll never get rid of it. ... They don't even have them [Bolds] in stores anymore. I buy them on eBay. ... And I like to have three in my room that I line up in case they break."

Kardashian even said that she'd like to buy the company.


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