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Chances Are You'll Be in the Dog House Over a Present


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"Oh, I'm sure you'll pick something wonderful" has to be one of the scariest phrases someone can hear from a significant other during the holiday season. The reason is that most of us will get it wrong and a good portion will suffer the silent treatment, according to an as-yet-unpublished survey of 1,004 U.S. adults that was undertaken by big data vendor 1010data.

The data, sent to DailyFinance by the company, suggests that 52 percent of Americans have experienced a negative reaction from a significant other because of a holiday present. The individuals gave gifts that weren't what their romantic interests expected or wanted.

The reason for the mismatch wasn't necessarily because the people had no idea what their partners wanted. Instead, the item wanted was typically unavailable, out of stock, or too expensive for the giver to afford.

Twenty percent of the people who landed in the dog house said that they received the silent treatment from the offended partner. About 18 percent said the gift was the subject of complaints to family and friends. Another 11 percent said the gift became the topic of conversation at a social gathering or party. For 1 in 10, the gift became the subject of an argument. In 1 percent of the cases, the situation resulted in the end of the relationship.

A good many people -- 71 percent -- said that they expected stores to run out of hot items this year. Here are some of the top gifts expected to be wiped off store shelves:
  • iPhone 6 (42 percent)
  • iPhone 6 Plus (33 percent)
  • Xbox One console (24 percent)
  • Samsung Galaxy S5 (18 percent)
  • PlayStation (18 percent)
"When you consider that degree of association with a brand, you can understand how important it is for businesses to have items in stock and available to meet consumer demand," a press release quoted 1010data CEO Sandy Steier as saying.

And how important it is if you don't want to tuck yourself into a cot in the garage at night.


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